How is a Web-traffic Analysis Tool Useful?

Web analytics is the process of measuring site statistics and analyzing traffic behavior. The web analytic tools such as conversion stats presents some valuable information about the website that will really help you to improve the website. In this passage, you will find the information of some data provided by the conversion tracking systems.

The web analytic software provides information about the top exit pages of your website. The top exit pages other than the “thanks for ordering” page of your website are like holes in your site through which the visitors are slipping through. The web traffic analytic tools such as conversionstats helps you find the top exit pages so that you can figure out why they’re leaving from the page and you’ll be able to improve your conversions.

The information about the most popular pages is equally important to know the interest of the visitors and turn them into customers. Work on optimizing your most popular pages for the search engines, using them as advertising campaign landing pages or starting a PPC campaign for them. They must be popular for a reason and will be a good way to entice potential customers to visit your site.

Keywords are the most important parts of your website. Improper usage of keywords may hamper the traffic to your website. However, using the right keyword certainly boosts up the visibility of your website and hence the web-traffic increases. If visitors are finding you through the search engines, it’s invaluable to know what keywords and phrases they’re using. The conversion tracking software like conversion stats helps you find that with ease.

Most of the conversion tracking softwares provides data of the average number of page views per visitor. This helps you know how good your site is encouraging people to look around and click around. Lots of page views means visitors are finding something of their interest and they’ll be more likely to return. Moreover, they’ll hopefully refer your website to their friends.

Knowing the most popular days and times can give you insight about who your customers are. If most of the visits occur during the day then chances are people are browsing while at work. Knowing the habits of your visitors will help you find ways to target them. It can also help you decide when you’re best to run advertising and even schedule site maintenance.

Knowing where your traffic is currently coming from can help you determine where to focus your traffic generation efforts. Look for ways to get even more traffic from your best sources – and don’t waste time on the ineffective ones. The visit duration is another important data reported by the web-traffic analytic software is the average visit duration. It is the indicator of how useful visitors find your site. If they spend a lot of time it means they’re genuinely interested in what you offer.

The above mentioned data that are provided by the web analytic software are the basic stuff. Feature-full web analytic systems like ‘conversion stats’ provides more, worthy information regarding your website.

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