Business Intelligence Software Reviews

Tableau Software Review

Large stores of information can be easily accessed and displayed in a visual format with Tableau. Information overlays make relationships easier to understand and summaries can be designed with quickness in a format that is readily understandable. Graphics created with the simple to use drag & click format can be published to the website. Interactive features give site visitors the ability to have specific questions answered and will keep them browsing longer.

Data Applied Review

Data Applied has revolutionized the data-driven decision making tools for Business Intelligence. Integrating analytics, data mining and elaborate information visualization capabilities, companies will be better equipped to make decisions that will improve the efficiency within the organization.

Decision Support Panel Review

Performance Canvas is BI for DS Panel. This comprehensive management system surpasses the traditional approach to BI and will provide greater insight in decision making for both the customer and the client that is being served. This solution is easy to access and the terminology is simple enough to understand, giving the ordinary business user mass amounts of knowledge without added confusion.

Dimensional Insight Review

Dimensional Insight provides businesses with robust data integration tools, powerful reporting components, as well as web portals that enable communication to employees, customers and suppliers. Also customized features are an integral function of this data source. This affordable and robust BI solution ultimately delivers value to your enterprise without compromising function and control.

Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Review

This complete web-based BI platform includes dashboards, reporting, analysis and data integration at remarkable levels of performance. In addition, outstanding deployment options are available to service the customers need. Jaspersoft offers company’s cost-effective solutions for Business Intelligence without compromising the end-result.

LogiXML Business Intelligence Review

LogiXML’s business intelligence technology gives you the ability to access crucial, real-time information and analyze key performance indicators through interactive, Web-based dashboards.

Panorama Software Review

NovaView is Panorama’s Business Intelligence Suite, armed with resourceful tools that enable organizations to create a complete Business Intelligence system. Users have the ability to earmark what data is essential in building success and focus on those elements, creating the optimal BI solution for proactive business management. Powerful data exploration and navigation optimizes productivity within this BI solution.

Pentaho Software Review

Pentaho provides its users with complete open source Business Intelligence capablities that empower them with key elements to drive success in this vital business process. Providing a full spectrum of solutions that enable businesses to develop and track individualized data sources to increase efficiencies, contain cost and drive revenue.

PivotLink Software Review

The PivotLink BI platform is innovative because it starts with what you want to measure rather than the data you have. A free-form drill path allows you to get the answers you are looking for without having to navigate through pre-determined sequences. You are able to build visuals in tables or graphs within seconds and then share them with business partners securely. And at any point you can add new data sources without IT support or delays. This means more people are sharing business information across the business chain enhancing true collaboration.

StatSoft Software Review

STATISTICA is engineered by StatSoft as a complete and comprehensive BI solution that will empower enterprises with key elements in the analyzing, managing and decision making processes that will provide optimal growth and profit strategy.

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