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Business Intelligence Management Reaches Pakistan

SAP has released their newest version of business intelligence management products in Pakistan so that it can allow organizations to assess and act on larger amounts of data more efficiently. This is a huge breakthrough for SAP and a giant step in the right direction for Pakistan. Because Pakistani businesses should see that until they […]

It’s Business Decisions for All with Microsoft Business Intelligence

What works when it comes to business intelligence? Microsoft Business Intelligence, named an industry leader by Gartner in the Business Intelligence Platforms Magic Quadrant, says what works is intuition in terms of how users interact with the tools. What works is also about giving you the tools that perform at top levels in environments that […]

Business Intelligence Reporting Makes Decision Making Easier

Analyzing data without heavy IT support is the goal of business intelligence reporting. This helps business owners like yourself get in a routine of doing business without having to have a middle man to read and understand your data. MicroStrategy recently released a new version of business intelligence reporting software called Visual Insight that seems […]

“Junk In, Junk Out” with Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Solutions

What exactly is a business intelligence data warehouse? It is: “A subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant and non-volatile collection of data in support of management’s decision making process,” according to Bill Inmon.  The reason that business intelligence data warehouses are so important is because they store on the good data and get rid of the old data. […]

Post This On Your Wall: BI Tools Strongly Impacted by Social Media Intelligence

Let’s face it, no aspect of business has remained the same since the takeoff of social media. Business intelligence, too, is impacted by social media. How? BI Tools Learn to “Crawl” So You Can Run As you work to merge your business intelligence tools within a social media analysis framework, you may feel bombarded with […]

Do You Have What it Takes for a Business Intelligence System that Really Works?

Once you get your business intelligence software up and running is it over? Definitely not. Maintaining a successful business intelligence system is a matter of creating an ongoing relationship across your divisions, and maintaining an attitude of cooperation and collaboration. What you’ll see on the other side of that effort are greater returns and benefits […]

Star Command Center has Business Intelligence Systems Working Wonders for Companies

Star Command Center 3.0 which is now available to users, allows IT departments to coordinate user access to other types of software applications by using business intelligence systems through a single mobile phone dashboard as well as through other methods. The business intelligence systems help companies like yours streamline work processes across a wide range […]

What Will You do with Extra Time Business Intelligence Cognos Gives You

Business intelligence cognos is a program that is owned by IBM but used to exist on its own for BI purposes. The business intelligence cognos has broken the barriers of reporting restrictions and allowed users to conduct analytical searches through specific inquiries. With business intelligence cognos, you will be able to reduce the time it […]

Business Intelligence Data has Disney Making Magic

If you know anything about Disney at all, you have probably heard of Simba; the cute lion cub that took over the kingdom and reigned with glory and power. SIMBA now also stands for Single Integrated merchandise Business Applications. SIMBA is now taking over the world of software and ruling with power. SIMBA was able […]

Microsoft Business Intelligence – Why Office Customers Know It All

Gaining intelligence in your business can be the one thing that separates you from the rest of the competition. The more you know about your market, your customers, your competitors and other factors that influence your ability to drive revenue, the more equipped you are to dominate in your particular field. Microsoft business intelligence is […]

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