Business Intelligence Reporting Makes Decision Making Easier

Analyzing data without heavy IT support is the goal of business intelligence reporting. This helps business owners like yourself get in a routine of doing business without having to have a middle man to read and understand your data. MicroStrategy recently released a new version of business intelligence reporting software called Visual Insight that seems to be hitting the scene hard among business owners. At fist they were targeted more towards the larger companies but have now made an appeal to companies of all sizes and industries.  Their reporting software simplifies the process for you and your company.

How Visual Insight Business Intelligence Reporting Works

Visual Insight translates the data from the business intelligence reporting into visualizations which makes it easier to read and understand. Because being able to read and understand your data is so important, Visual Insight came up with the strategy to visualize everything from your business intelligence reporting so that anyone could understand what they were looking at. This has worked well for a multitude of different companies and has saved a lot of time consuming work by IT departments.  This not only benefits your employees but your company as a whole.

The Numbers of Visual Insight in Regards to Business Intelligence Reporting

The add-ons for business intelligence reporting tools are approximately $240.00 per year per user. The free version however does come with two user licenses that have the full feature set including the Visual Insight tools but you will probably still need some of the add-ons to handle all of the things you want done. This is a small amount of money compared to what you will be able to save with your business intelligence reporting tools. Once you have made the initial purchase you will more than likely get your return back within the first year or so; depending on the number of licenses you will need. Either way you look at it though, it is a small price to pay if you are able to better your company and make more money.  It all comes down to the bottom line.

Letting Business Intelligence Reporting Into Your Company

Even though the initial fees of business intelligence reporting may seem like a large set back you need to stop and think about the benefits that it will have for your company. If you were to pay a firm to come in and do the same thing that the business intelligence reporting software systems can do you would probably spend anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 for about two weeks worth of consulting. This is a lot of money for a short period of time. If you purchase your own business intelligence reporting tools and software you will have it for life so that you will not have to spend that money again. Business intelligence reporting plays a major role in companies, and  having accurate and current information to base your business decisions on will make a large difference in your company and the outcome of it each year. Allowing yourself the freedom to make good choices for the company you have worked so hard to maintain only makes sense.