The Surest Way to Gain Business Intelligence: SAS BI Software Solutions

Business Intelligence is a vital aspect to any company.  Without the correct information, your decision making is suspect at best.  Making decisions based on instinct and hope is a recipe for disaster.  It might work out for awhile, but eventually it will catch up with you.  Gaining this intelligence can be a difficult process, but the proper BI software makes this easy.  The best software allows you to gather all the information yourself and then let you analyze the data without help from an outside source.  SAS BI Software does exactly this, and is an excellent option for anyone needing a BI software solution.

SAS BI Software Options: SAS Enterprise BI Server

The first BI software option from SAS is the Enterprise BI Server.  This self-service program is easy to use and combines analysis and data management tools to allow you to quickly and easily gather business intelligence.  One of the benefits of this program is that it allows you to gather proper information to ensure you make the best decisions.  It also lets you keep your data consistent and easily accessible.  This way you can make your decisions based on fact, and not conjecture.  The comprehensive BI software solution allows for a single purchase to handle all your business intelligence needs.

SAS BI Software Options: SAS Visual BI

Another unique BI software option is the SAS Visual BI.  It is a powerful tool because it shows your data in easy to understand options like bubble displays, and can display up to seven dimensions of data at one time.  This allows you to see interactions and relationships on your screen that can help you overcome limitations of looking at data in a standard spreadsheet or document.  It makes it possible to see longer term trends instead of simple year to date data.  With the increased depth of information available in this BI software, you can make quicker and more accurate decisions across your organization.

Unique Qualities of SAS BI Software

SAS has perfected the business of BI software by going beyond what other companies are able to do.  Most BI software does an adequate job of letting you know what happened in the past, but it does not help you predict what is coming.  The increased depth and breadth of SAS BI Software allows you to not only understand the past, but see the present and predict what changes are forthcoming with the decisions you make.  No matter the software choice, SAS BI Software peers deep into your company and takes information from across your entire enterprise and has that date available to anyone that needs it.  Now, instead of spending time digging for data, you and your people are analyzing the reports and planning for the future.  The benefits of the analytics available only from SAS make it easier to see the whole company at one time.  Finally, the services that go with SAS BI Software with their Competency Center show you the best practices and infrastructure to make the most of the BI software and the information you gather.