Microsoft Business Intelligence – Why Office Customers Know It All

Gaining intelligence in your business can be the one thing that separates you from the rest of the competition. The more you know about your market, your customers, your competitors and other factors that influence your ability to drive revenue, the more equipped you are to dominate in your particular field. Microsoft business intelligence is a great place to start for those companies already operating in a Microsoft Office environment. When you implement Microsoft business intelligence, you simply extend the capabilities you already have to gain more value from a more powerful platform. 

Common Interface Drives Adoption with Microsoft Business Intelligence

There is no set-in-stone rule that says you can only drive success in a Microsoft environment if you only leverage Microsoft tools. In fact, Microsoft has designed its platforms to easily integrate with other technologies so you can take advantage of capabilities of NetSuite, SAP and Oracle if you so desire. One of the powerful attributes that Microsoft business intelligence does have in its favor is the common interface. When you implement Microsoft business intelligence, you are asking your team to simply extend a platform they already use daily. This eliminates the need for lengthy training sessions and your overall costs can be more easily maintained.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Collaboration

One of the best ways to build your knowledge with Microsoft business intelligence is through collaboration tools. The platform offers the SharePoint Server, which delivers all of the tools your teams needs at their disposal to work together effectively. Each team member using Microsoft business intelligence tools through SharePoint are able to collaborate on and publish documents, share critical information and implement workflows that can drive effective results for your entire organization.

The Data in Microsoft Business Intelligence 

If you have spent any time focusing on Microsoft business intelligence at all, you know that you need powerful platforms to manage your data and turn it into something that is not only valuable, but also actionable. With Microsoft’s SQL Server, you gain access to a powerful, enterprise-ready and scalable engine that can bring all of your business intelligence data together onto one platform where massive amounts of data can be stored, ready to support high query loads and clustering.

The Freedom of Choice with Microsoft Business Intelligence

One of the advantages of Microsoft Business Intelligence is the variety of document platforms you can use to drive your information gathering and data collaboration. You can ensure everyone is on the same page by dictating what they should use in different situations, or allowing everyone to select what works well for them. This type of flexibility makes the Microsoft business intelligence platform more attractive to other users. In addition, the Microsoft business intelligence background package also gives you access to a number of different templates and platforms to make the job that much easier.

Microsoft business intelligence can provide you with the tools you need to gather data and make it useful for your business. When this data is turned into actionable information, you and your team members can more quickly make decisions and find a more aggressive market position.