Discovery BI Software Solutions Enables Schwan to Enhance Profitability

Your company is already in the process of gathering information on your current business, the customer base, prospective customers, the market and even the competition. What are you doing with this information? Are you using it to promote your company or your products? Are you simply gathering this information to use at a later date? If you don’t have business intelligence (BI) software solutions in place to help you manage this information and turn it into actionable data, you really aren’t doing anything that adds value for your company. Schwan’s recognized that BI software solutions could help them enhance their profitable outlook and turned to Discovery to get the ball rolling. 

BI Software Solutions – Making the Investment

Discovery is part of a growing list of business intelligence systems that enable companies like yours to turn your information into valuable data. Discovery is offered by AFS Technologies, a company that recently won a contract from Schwan’s Food Service, Inc. The food service company wanted to identify opportunities and challenges at the customer level, but knew they could not do it through standard processes or spreadsheets. With the addition of BI software solutions in Discovery, Schwan’s gained to power to enhance efficiencies and overall profitability. The BI software solutions from AFS Technologies are delivered in a quickly implemented platform that offers intuitive point and click navigation, to ensure quick adoption by all users.

BI Software Solutions – The Features

Companies such as yours can benefit from BI software solutions as they allow you and your users to better optimize profits through a robust and easy-to-use subscription-based solutions that grants all users access to important data. As a result, decisions can be made more quickly and more intelligently. At the same time, you can more easily measure the impact BI software solutions have on the overall performance of your company. Schwan’s replaced its sales reports with BI software solutions found in the Discovery platform and now employees use this tool to track performance and project for future sales.

Employees Love BI Software Solutions

According to Lil Schroeder, Schwan’s vice president of customer operations, employees are drawn to BI software solutions in the Discovery platform as they have found it to be easy to learn and use than previous tools the company had in place. As a result, these users are able to easily check sales information, even at the top level within the company. This information can also be easily dissected in detail to assess where sales are successful and where efforts may be lacking. With the company’s brokers and sales professionals using the same BI software solutions, overall business discussions are enhanced.

BI Software Solutions Drive Better Decisions

No matter what industry your company is competing in, you want BI software solutions to enable you and your users to deliver the information necessary to make better and more profitable decisions. With the right information and analytics in place, you can take your current processes to the next level and have more control over the strategy to deliver profitability. With so much value offered in BI software solutions, you really have no further excuses to wait – it’s time to check out what BI software solutions can do for your company.